What to do about global warming

That global warming is a major threat to life on the planet is finally receiving universal acknowledgement. Last month’s UN report from hundreds of scientists concluded that global warming was “very likely” caused by mankind.

German union backs U.S. Chrysler workers

The 2.4-million-member IG Metall union, representing German blue- and white-collar metalworkers, including autoworkers at Daimler-Chrysler’s German plants, is opposing the company’s move to jettison its U.S. Chrysler division, and calling for a solution that benefits both the company and U.S. workers.


On a mission for justice: School of the Americas Watch travels to Colombia and Panama

The statistics I kept reviewing on Colombia seemed jumbled. Was 3.4 million the number of internally displaced people there, as one set of my notes said, or 4 million as another said? Did it really matter which one? The sheer enormity was overwhelming.


Reflections on returning to Vietnam

I recently came back from a remarkable return visit to Vietnam. My first trip to Vietnam was in 1972 during the war, when Nixon decided to bomb Hanoi during the Christmas holidays. The contrast with today’s Vietnam was enormous.