Stop raids on immigrant workers

On March 6, the Bush administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, part of the Department of Homeland Security, carried out a brutal immigration raid on Michael Bianco, Inc., in New Bedford, Mass., arresting 350 workers. The raids expose the lie of Bush’s hypocritical statement that “family values do not end at the Rio Grande.”


No, Texas is not all about Bush: Lone Star State has proud socialist past

Anyone who can unsnarl honest Texas history from domination by myths and outright lies will find a proud working class with socialist leaders as advanced as any in the nation. Of course, they are well hidden.

EDITORIAL: Housing bubble criminals

Economists are warning that a crisis is looming in the home mortgage industry that could eclipse the bursting of the bubble and the Enron and WorldCom bankruptcies seven years ago. It has the potential of plunging the nation into a recession.


Mayor Bloombergs demolition derby for New Yorks public schools

No Child Left Behind is losing support, including from Republicans. It has produced a huge shift towards standardized testing, using test scores to narrowly gauge success of teachers, principals and schools, increasing bureaucratic constraints, and, perhaps most significantly, pressures towards privatization.


Chicago officials urge end to raids, deportations

CHICAGO — By a 45-0 vote, Mayor Richard M. Daley and the City Council approved a resolution March 13 calling on President Bush to issue a moratorium immediately on all immigration raids and deportations not related to national security or criminal activity, and especially those involving immigrant parents with U.S.-citizen children.

Behind the firings: GOP assault on one person, one vote

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Behind all the furor around U.S. Attorney David Iglesias, one of eight federal prosecutors who were fired by the Bush administration, was an effort by the Republican Party to suppress massive voter registration in New Mexico during the 2004 election.