Union love Las Vegas workers demand piece of the action AFL-CIO condemns raids on Iraqi unions

House strips Bush of authority to appoint U.S. attorneys

In a 329-78 vote March 26, the House of Representatives followed the Senate and stripped President George W. Bush of the authority to appoint U.S. attorneys on an interim basis, ending the ability of the Bush administration to do an end run around the Senate in putting controversial U.S. attorneys in office.


Japan: Accord with Australia seen as targeting China Poland: Anti-gay law threatens teachers Afghanistan: U.S. Marines face probe on massacre Uganda: President delivers land to corporations

Palestinians await lifting of U.S.-Israeli siege

Despite last week’s flurry of diplomatic activity around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including visits to the region by Ban Ki-moon, the UN’s new secretary general, and by Condoleezza Rice, President Bush’s secretary of state, the Palestinian people have seen virtually no improvements on the ground.


Zapatistas vow to remake Mexico

MEXICO CITY — The Zapatista Army of National Liberation Army (EZLN) has vowed to continue its campaign to change Mexico’s political and economic system. As part of a larger movement known as “The Other Campaign,” they say that they will renew their efforts to organize “a civil and pacifist insurrection” across Mexico.


Growing promise of Cuban oil deposits

“Cuba could be a major regional player in oil,” Jorge Piñon, Amoco’s former Latin American head, told reporters. Two international conferences opening in Havana on March 20 testified to the high visibility of oil these days in Cuba.


Palestinian activist ends prison hunger strike

WASHINGTON — Dr. Sami Al-Arian, a Palestinian activist, ended his 60-day hunger strike at a federal prison hospital in North Carolina March 24, bowing to his children’s pleas that he not risk death protesting his unjust imprisonment.


Communists see a new landscape for struggles

NEW YORK — Heading the agenda as members of the Communist Party’s national committee gathered here March 24-25 were new developments in the people’s movements to end the Iraq war, win labor and immigrant rights, gain health care for all and uphold democracy.


New immigration bill introduced

On March 23, Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) introduced a new comprehensive immigration bill, the “Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy” (STRIVE) Act, HR 1645. The bill has 29 initial co-sponsors, including both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans.



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