Peanut butter and spinach

The peanut butter and spinach are only the tip of the iceberg. The amount of tainted food on the shelves of the nation’s grocery stores is rising as the agency that issues the recalls slashes the number of food inspections.


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Communist editor in danger after speaking out

Carlos Lozano’s life is in danger, thanks to the repressive government of Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. Last month Uribe designated Lozano, director of the Colombian Communist Party’s weekly newspaper, Voz, as a “military objective,” identifying him as “an accomplice of the FARC” and a “guerilla spokesperson.”

Italian left unites to bar Berlusconi return

As the Bush administration, the Vatican and the business community attempt to shift the Italian center-left government towards the center, the left is thinking in new ways to counter that shift.


International Womens Day has come a long way, yet liberation is still elusive

International Women’s Day has come a long way since its inception in 1908. Governments recognize it. Numerous groups, unions and international bodies continue its mission.


Celebrating Black history in Connecticut

Proclaiming the theme, “We Will Not Be Silent,” the 33rd annual African American History Month celebrations of the People’s Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo in Connecticut stirred inspiration and activism last weekend.



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Privatization, no way

NEW YORK — Students, parents and teachers fed up with the Bloomberg administration’s drive to privatize public education took over Second Avenue for an evening rally Feb. 27, to protest plans by Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to reorganize the school system from the top down once again, without addressing real problems.


Immigrant rights struggle continues, in and out of Congress

The massive immigrant rights protests last year stopped Senate passage of the repressive HR 4437. But because the Republicans controlled Congress, it was not possible to pass legislation for legalization of the 12 million undocumented. Now that the Republicans have lost their majority, what does this bode for the immigrant rights movement?


Library to host forum on Communist Party history

New York University’s Tamiment Library and the Communist Party USA will hold a symposium March 23 on the “History of the Communist Party and Progressive Politics Today.”

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