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Terrorist Posada charged with fraud

Luis Posada remains in jail because Federal Judge Philip Martinez denied his petition for habeas corpus on Feb. 21.

Powerful realities of Iraq and Iran

With the increased access to digital camcorders, everyone is taking a stab at making films. This fortunately puts moviemaking and truth-telling in the hands of the masses and creates some amazingly artless but sincere statements.


Jiggas comeback and Alice Smiths musical journey

Review of Kingdom Come and For Lovers, Dreamers and Me




We need this law

Workers in more than 100 cities met with members of Congress and community leaders to push for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, HR 800. Here are two reports.

Bush: Ill bring troops home on JetBlue

According to most official estimates, with its recent spate of scheduling problems and flight delays, JetBlue could take up to seven years to bring U.S. troops home, and possibly 10 years in the event of inclement weather.



‘Worker Squeezinart’ EFCA ads LA Times workers organize Was there ever any question? Hold the date!


Bolivia: Cuba aids flood victims UK: Venezuelan oil helps Londoners Australia: No free ride for U.S. military bases Iran: New evidence of U.S. military incursions Kenya: Salt mine workers are abused

Venezuela and Argentina to cooperate

For Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the signing of 17 agreements Feb. 21 with President Nestor Kirchner of Argentina was part of a larger plan for cooperation and integration among South American countries.

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