Assessing Americas health care system

In his book, Practicing Medicine without a License!, Don Sloan, M.D. argues the case for a corporate-free, universal health care system that would cover every American.


Oscars and Spirits

Two recent film awards shows couldn’t have been more different. The Oscars featured films mostly within the Hollywood corporate studio system, and the Spirit Awards favored low-budget independent productions.

Ask the Communists

Capitalism/competition generates wealth for everyone and promotes improved quality of goods, better prices and advancement of technology to improve the quality of life. How is this evil?



Public education vs. the privatizers

To save and improve equal, quality public education, it is imperative to take on the corporate/far right/fundamentalist coalition of privatizers.

New fighting spirit needed

The 1930s struggle to pass this nation’s first federal legislation to protect workers’ right to unionize has important lessons for today’s battles to regain that right, says history professor Nelson Lichtenstein of the University of California Santa Barbara.


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Peanut butter and spinach

The peanut butter and spinach are only the tip of the iceberg. The amount of tainted food on the shelves of the nation’s grocery stores is rising as the agency that issues the recalls slashes the number of food inspections.


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Communist editor in danger after speaking out

Carlos Lozano’s life is in danger, thanks to the repressive government of Colombian president Alvaro Uribe. Last month Uribe designated Lozano, director of the Colombian Communist Party’s weekly newspaper, Voz, as a “military objective,” identifying him as “an accomplice of the FARC” and a “guerilla spokesperson.”

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