Soldiers unequal treatment stirs outrage

WASHINGTON – The scandal whirling around care for soldiers and veterans took on new dimensions this week with revelations that National Guard and Reserve soldiers face discrimination in treatment and benefits, while severe backlogs exist in processing veterans’ disability claims


Youve gotta walk the walk

CHICAGO — It’s one thing to talk about all the things we should be doing with the People’s Weekly World; it’s another thing to put our words into practice, to “walk the walk.”

Pakistan still reeling from 2005 quake

Reports coming out of Pakistan in recent months describe a dire situation for the tens of thousands of people who continue to live in makeshift tents in the earthquake-affected regions of the country.


One year later, rally renews call for immigrant rights

CHICAGO — Calling for defense of immigrant rights and an end to the Iraq war, some 2,000 people rallied at the Federal Plaza here March 10. The action took place exactly one year after a Chicago march of hundreds of thousands ignited pro-immigrant-rights demonstrations across the country, including a history-making turnout of millions nationwide on May Day.


Cuban head of State Security tells untold story

In “JFK: The Cuba Files, the Untold Story of the Plot to Kill Kennedy,” Fabian Escalante tells the untold story of a “counterrevolutionary project … of groups and individuals … linked to conspiracy.”


Israeli films challenge historical conditions

There was a noticeable absence of films from Palestinian directors at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. However, Israel provided two intriguing award-winning films, both challenging long-standing Israeli policies.


Coalition demands full funding for human needs

HOUSTON — A new group, the Coalition of Working People and the Poor (CWPP), held a press conference Feb. 28 on the steps of City Hall. Under the leadership of Bishop James Dixon II of the Community of Faith Church, the group is demanding “full funding for all programs that support human needs.” A massive march is slated for March 24, starting at 12 noon at Hermann Square in downtown Houston.

Were bankrupt! We have too much money!

Is the United States bankrupt? New drive to slash entitlements Capitalism’s irrationality


Palestine: Israeli restrictions bring suffering South Africa: Fight AIDS, fight abuse of women UN: Extra grief for half the world’s workers India: Judge to decide generic drug case

Defend womens rights activists in Iran

A few days before the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a group of courageous and militant Iranian women gathered peacefully in front of the right-wing clerical regime’s Revolutionary Courts to express their solidarity with other women imprisoned for human rights activities.

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