Flying the frightful skies: Outsourcing and deregulation make their mark

The prevailing notion has been that being killed by a fall in the shower or an object falling from a tall building is more likely than dying in a plane crash. But these days fear of flying may make sense, as the airline industry eliminates systems that have kept people safe as they hurtle 600 miles an hour 35,000 feet above the earth.


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Protests mark 5th anniversary of Iraq war, 4,000th U.S. troop death

WASHINGTON — “How many more must die in vain for a lie?” That was the question asked by Joan Kosloff, whose stepson, Sgt. Sherwood Baker of the Pennsylvania National Guard, died in Iraq in 2003. “Congress should not appropriate a penny more except to bring our troops home and provide reparations for the people of Iraq,” she said.


Canada: Troops stay in Afghanistan South Korea: Business in the saddle Somalia: UN considers intervention Iraq: Sunnis, unpaid, abandon ship Brazil: Land hogging and slavery Cuba: Meeting of Cubans living abroad

Cyprus new president moves to reunify divided nation

The stunning election of a Communist president in Cyprus last month promised a new direction for the divided country. Now, newly elected president Demetris Christofias has taken a historic step toward the long-sought reunification of Cyprus.

The speech that moved the nation

Barack Obama made a magnificent contribution to the fight against racism and for unity in his March 18 speech on race.

Paying for biofuels in your supermarket

On March 12, representatives of about 80 of America's largest baking companies, representing more than 85 percent of our baking industry, marched in Washington to protest the dangerously low supplies of wheat, rye and other grains.

World Notes: Voting for War...

Canada’s Parliament voted 198-77 on March 13 to back an “Independent Panel” recommendation to continue deployment of 2,500 troops in Afghanistan until 2011.

Millions greet Obama call for 'perfect union'

Barack Obama’s appeal to the people to join in building a “more perfect union” touched a deep chord among the American people weary of the politics of division and hate as practiced by the corporate ultra-right and their mainly Republican agents in Washington.

Crucified to be resurrected: the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

The experience of Dr. King encourages us to develop some appreciation for the role of the preaching of the social gospel and the Black church in the spirit of resistance within the African American community.

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