Deep-freeze on Cuba could be thawing

Do 50 years of U.S. intransigence toward Cuba mean we are stuck in a political ice age on the issue, immune from change, or is that era already ending?


Womens peace advocate: We need real, not fake, security

FERNDALE, Mich. — “Women are the realistic people in the world; they can see the future and the need for peace and stability,” said Kerstin Greback, co-president of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

A Jeremiad in defense of Barack Obamas pastor

Barack Obama is being subjected to Willie Hortoning by the right, via a made-up controversy about the pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attends.

South Korea lurches to right after presidential elections

South Korea has lurched to the right after Lee Myung-bak of the Grand National Party was elected president. Many are now worried about the disintegration of friendly ties to the north, serious labor and human rights violations in the south and an increased subordination to the United States.

We will not be divided, Bolivias president vows

He broke the colonial bar on indigenous rule, and for two years Bolivian President Evo Morales has battled multinationals and large landowners. Contrasts are stark between politicians representing European-descended land and business owners and Morales allies drawn from indigenous, peasant and labor-oriented social movements. Now Morales’ government has reached an impasse.


40 years later: Milton Rogovin photos inspire Chilean journey

Sometimes a picture says it all. The stunning and beautiful work of social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin, now 98, illustrates the humanity of working people, the poor and society’s “forgotten ones.”

NAFTA, Obama and Clinton

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have issued statements criticizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and calling for its renegotiation.


Inequality, women and the working class

To be unequal is a harsh reality. We grew up in the USA under the belief system that all men are created equal. Historically, that concept was a great advance in opposition to the concept of innate superiority of the nobility and royals in England. Today, we generally have sense enough to say all men and women are created equal, but that still does not make it so.

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