Medical student association demands healthcare for all

HOUSTON – About 1,000 medical students and their supporters held a rally here at city hall Mar. 14 to demand healthcare for all. The event was organized by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) as part of its annual convention and supported by the local SEIU and Justice for Janitors movement.

Keeping your hands clean and green

A 2005 study by the Children’s Hospital in Boston compared illness rates across a study group of 292 families—half of them got hand sanitizers while the other half were given literature advising them of the benefits of frequent hand washing.

Obama delivers unprecedented speech on race in America

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama today delivered what some are calling an unprecedented and remarkable speech on race and the struggle for unity in the United States.

Needed: a new New Deal

Seventy-six years ago, in the depths of the Great Depression, with jobless workers selling apples on street corners and millions turned out of their homes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt accepted the Democratic presidential nomination calling for a New Deal for the “forgotten” American people.

Coalition launches drive to oust GOP

WASHINGTON — Thousands at the “Take Back America” conference here March 17-19 cheered as speakers called for a concerted get-out-the-vote drive to end 30 years of right-wing Republican dominance and open the way for progressive change.

Rendering the Palestinian Authority irrelevant

Although the calm in Gaza did not last for more than a few days it marks a very significant development in the ongoing power struggle between Israel, Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.

Free speech? Not in Troy, N.Y.

TROY, N.Y.—An exhibit by Iraqi-born digital media artist Wafaa Bilal at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, a suburb of Albany, was suspended by school administrators earlier this month “pending a more complete review of its origin, content, and intent.” The school’s president, Shirley Jackson, closed the show under pressure from Campus Republicans—who claimed that Bilal was a threat to national security.

Inequality, women and the working class

To be unequal is a harsh reality. We grew up in the USA under the belief system that all men are created equal. Historically, that concept was a great advance in opposition to the concept of innate superiority of the nobility and royals in England.

NAFTA, Obama and Clinton

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have issued statements criticizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and calling for its renegotiation.

World Notes: Literacy, women's rights, death penalty ...

Speaking to reporters, Cuban Minister of Education Luis Ignacio Gomez indicated that as of March 13 three million people worldwide have learned to read and write through the Cuban method of literacy training known as Yo sí puedo (“Yes I can”).

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