Modern-day slavery Unions: no deal with murderers! Oregon AFSCME backs Obama Laborers rejoin AFL-CIO Trades Department Justices hear key labor case Warehouse workers win one


Canada: Troops stay in Afghanistan South Korea: Business in the saddle Somalia: UN considers intervention Iraq: Sunnis, unpaid, abandon ship Brazil: Land hogging and slavery Cuba: Meeting of Cubans living abroad

We will not be divided, Bolivias president vows

He broke the colonial bar on indigenous rule, and for two years Bolivian President Evo Morales has battled multinationals and large landowners. Contrasts are stark between politicians representing European-descended land and business owners and Morales allies drawn from indigenous, peasant and labor-oriented social movements. Now Morales’ government has reached an impasse.


40 years later: Milton Rogovin photos inspire Chilean journey

Sometimes a picture says it all. The stunning and beautiful work of social documentary photographer Milton Rogovin, now 98, illustrates the humanity of working people, the poor and society’s “forgotten ones.”

NAFTA, Obama and Clinton

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have issued statements criticizing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and calling for its renegotiation.


Inequality, women and the working class

To be unequal is a harsh reality. We grew up in the USA under the belief system that all men are created equal. Historically, that concept was a great advance in opposition to the concept of innate superiority of the nobility and royals in England. Today, we generally have sense enough to say all men and women are created equal, but that still does not make it so.


Letters - March 22, 2008

McCain and the moderate myth $200 billion? Not for us Free Mumia Fences

Tibet: Whats behind the protests?

As preparations pick up steam for this summer’s Beijing Olympics, the world has looked with growing dismay at the violence associated with protests seeking independence for Tibet.

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