Needed: a new New Deal

Seventy-six years ago, in the depths of the Great Depression, with jobless workers selling apples on street corners and millions turned out of their homes, Franklin Delano Roosevelt accepted the Democratic presidential nomination calling for a New Deal for the “forgotten” American people.


Ready to clean House and Senate of GOP wreckers

WASHINGTON — The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is such a cliffhanger it has taken the national spotlight off an equally intense struggle: the battle for control of the House and Senate in the 2008 elections.


New Republican push on anti-immigrant legislation

On March 11, Republican Rep. Thelma Drake of Virginia filed a “discharge petition” on the SAVE Act, HR 4088, to bring it directly to the House floor for debate, bypassing several committees. Immigrants’ rights advocates are warning that there is a real danger the bill could pass, and are calling for intensified lobbying against it.

Bailout goes to Wall Street, not Main Street

Most Americans are having no trouble figuring out whether or not we are in a recession. Certainly not the 100,000 workers tossed onto the jobless pile in January and February, or the millions living an economic nightmare following last summer’s bursting housing bubble, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the resulting credit crunch.

World notes: March 22, 2008

Cuba: Literacy milestone reached UN: Women paid less South Africa: Death penalty discussed, again Malaysia: Winds of change Israel: Land grab threatens negotiations Guatemala: Violence continues

Coalition launches drive to oust GOP

WASHINGTON — Thousands at the “Take Back America” conference here March 17-19 cheered as speakers called for a concerted get-out-the-vote drive to end 30 years of right-wing Republican dominance and open the way for progressive change.

National dialogue needed on our overflowing jails

In 2008 in the United States of America more than 1 out of every 100 adults is behind bars.

Letters - March 15, 2008

Punishment does not fit the crime Some Texas prison history End torture Property vs. liberty

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