Afghanistan: A road map for progress

Congressional Progressive Caucus to host series on foreign policy options WASHINGTON—Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chairs Rep. Raúl Grijalva and Rep. Lynn Woolsey announced an ongoing series of forums that will engage members of Congress in discussions about foreign policy options that make sense in light of today’s global security challenges, called “Seeking Global Security.”


San Francisco Bay area marks Iraq war anniversary

SAN FRANCISCO — The BART rapid transit system linked demonstrations throughout the Bay Area March 19 as peace activists marked the 6th anniversary of the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq with a day of direct actions, memorial gatherings, leafleting and other creative activities.

Veterans react to Iraq pullout plan: A war that should never have been fought

While they see President Obama’s 18-month timetable to remove U.S. troops from Iraq as a necessary first step to change, veterans’ organizations say Iraq and Afghanistan urgently need diplomacy and development, not lingering deployments or troop surges.

Small towns challenge the U.S. governments practice of military recruiting of minors

“United States of America v. City of Arcata; City of Eureka.” So reads the heading to a lawsuit filed in December 2008 by the United States Department of Justice, acting on a complaint by the Department of Defense. The lawsuit seeks to invalidate the Youth Protection Act, a ballot initiative ordinance, passed by 73% of Arcata voters and 57% of Eureka voters, last November. Arcata and Eureka are neighboring, small cities on California’s north coast.