Some great films to watch this Womens History Month

“Erin Brockovich” “ (2000) Starring Julia Roberts, this is the true story of a single mother who lands a clerical job in a law firm, then stumbles upon a giant power company’s systematic cover-up of how its toxic emissions poisoned a town’s water supply.

Taking Employee Free Choice Act to the streets, media

CLEVELAND — Dozens of activists committed to workplace fairness and economic recovery gathered here March 7 for a three-hour speakers training session to promote the Employee Free Choice Act.

Jobs report worst since Great Depression

The United States is now facing levels of joblessness comparable to those of the Great Depression.


Memo to Obamas auto task force: build mass transit

DETROIT — As the situation for autoworkers and all American workers continues to decline, stopping the hemorrhaging loss of jobs is clearly a top priority. So here’s a suggestion for President Obama’s auto task force: include the building and funding of mass transit in your plans.