Americas choice: Union, yes!

Most Americans are working harder than ever as the “good life” they dream about for themselves and their children slips further and further out of their reach.


UPDATE Citigroup, AIG, on taxpayer dole, lead charge vs. worker rights

WASHINGTON — Organized labor hit the ground running March 10, bringing hundreds of workers to the capital to visit their senators and representatives to urge passage of the Employee Free Choice Act on the day it was introduced.


Bread and roses 2009: Women need a union

March 8 International Women's Day was born of the struggles of women in the textile mills in our country at the turn of the last century. They fought and died for better wages and working conditions, an end to child labor, and the right to vote.

Vigil held to protest murder of undocumented worker

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A poster-sized photograph with flowers and votive candles formed a sidewalk altar in front of the Sacramento County Main Jail Feb. 26, as more than 40 activists held a press conference and protest-memorial for 22-year-old Evaristo Ramirez Ventura, an undocumented worker murdered Feb. 17 in a jail holding cell.