Iraqi teachers union under attack

The Iraqi Teachers Union is facing extreme attack from the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government has appointed an official body and granted it the authority to take over the union. This government body demanded that the leadership of the union must hand over the keys to its headquarters along with membership and other records.

Unions to G20: Half measures wont fix broken global economy

In a worldwide push for action by G20 governments to pull the global economy out of recession and chart a new course for job creation, financial regulation and global governance, trade unions across the world delivered a common set of demands to their national governments this week. The five-point union plan sets out the actions needed to tackle the crisis and build a fairer and more sustainable world economy for the future.

Labor to Big Biz: You wont derail employee free choice!

The labor movement remains undaunted in its push for the Employee Free Choice Act despite the defection of Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, the only Republican member of the Senate who had supported the measure. Specter announced March 24 that he will now oppose the legislation.


In tiny RI, jewelry workers fight mighty battle

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Jobs with Justice has launched a national campaign for justice for 280 workers here who found their workplace padlocked with no warning two months ago.

Auto task force should worry about workers shrinking wallets

DETROIT — As U.S. auto companies work to meet the government’s March 31 deadline for showing progress in their restructuring and turnaround plans, the pressure on workers and their union to accept concessions has been intense.

Report from the front: Workers arrested as factory assets auctioned off

A dozen workers from the Colibri jewelry plant in East Providence, Rhode Island were arrested today as their plant’s assets were auctioned off by a State appointed receiver.

CWA members welcome Obamas Middle Class Task Force to St. Cloud plant

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (PAI) — Members of Communications Workers of America Local 7304 welcomed Vice President Joseph Biden and members of the Obama administration’s Middle Class Task Force” for a town hall meeting March 19 at their workplace — the New Flyer Bus Co. plant — with positive messages.

Wal-Mart forced to bargain, finally, with Texas meat cutters

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (PAI) — It took almost nine years, a National Labor Relations Board ruling and several court orders, but Wal-Mart was finally forced to bargain with its unionized meat cutters in Texas.


UPDATED: RI workers found their factory doors locked, now demand justice

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Workers who were locked out of their jobs at a local factory two months ago are demanding, “Pay us what you owe us.”

California could lose billions for jobless, if lawmakers don't act quickly, labor warns

Simple changes in state legislation can bring billions in federal funds to bolster unemployment benefits, the California Labor Federation says. But speedy action is vital, with unemployment at 10.1 percent in California, and benefits for tens of thousands slated to run out in mid-April.

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