Caribbean strikes win peoples victories

Labor militancy and popular mobilization in Martinique and Guadeloupe led to strike settlements last month remarkable for wide-ranging, decisive benefits for racially oppressed working people. Victories there occurred amidst a wave of protests elsewhere, especially in Europe, against lay-offs, rising prices and plunder in financial sectors.

U.S.-Mexico border garners much attention from White House

In response to highly publicized wave of turf battles among drug cartels along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Obama administration issued an ambitious multi-agency $700 million plan this week to combat the violence. The on-going problem has caused more than 8,000 deaths since January 2008.

WORLDNOTES: India, Iraq, Southern Africa, Turkey, Haiti, Cuba

India: New left electoral coalition formed Iraq: Marshland crisis continues Southern Africa: Trade talks contentious Turkey: Water Forum reconvenes Haiti: Aristide party fights for election participation

Northern Ireland unites to prevent return of The Troubles

BELFAST, N. Ireland — Several thousand Catholics and Protestants united in a silent protest here after last month’s killing of two soldiers and a policeman two days later. Two other soldiers and two pizza delivery men were seriously wounded.

Visa campaign launched for Cuban Five families

Prisoners need to see their families. The United Nations Human Rights Commission urges a minimum standard that prisoners be allowed “regular” communication with family “by correspondence and by receiving visits.”

No more troops to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is increasingly in the spotlight, as the time approaches for the Obama administration to make public the results of its comprehensive review of strategic policy there.

World Baseball Classic heats up

Baseball fans around the world are tuning into the 2009 World Baseball Classic, which holds its final championship game on March 23. Who will it be?

A peoples victory in El Salvador

The people of El Salvador made history March 15 by electing Mauricio Funes as the country’s next president. Funes’ election marks a seismic political shift in this war-torn and poverty-stricken nation.

World Notes: Palestine, China, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Cuba and global union report

Palestine: Unity gov’t talks recess China: Pledge better migrant worker policies Zimbabwe: Humanitarian crisis continues Global: Unions = more pay for women Ireland: Foreign workers hit hardest Cuba: Int’l conference highlights regional efforts

El Salvador poised to make history

RIVER FOREST, Ill. -- After 20 years of one-party rule and 17 years after the end of a brutal civil war, a seismic political shift is shaping up in El Salvador.

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