NE health summit: Hundreds demand reform

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Two different groups of people gathered here March 17 to talk about solving the health care crisis. Inside the Davis Center at the University of Vermont were some 400 people invited to the White House Northeast Regional Forum on Health Reform, hosted by Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and Republican Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont.

Pass the budget! Grassroots coalition demands action

WASHINGTON—President Obama appealed to the people to throw their support behind his first federal budget to help pull the country out of the deep economic crisis. Speaking at his second White House news conference the President said the $3.5 trillion Fiscal Year 2010 budget is “is going to need the support of the American people,” adding that it is “inseparable” from his economic recovery program.

Have you joined the Facebook revolution?

“I Facebook, therefore I am,” was a headline I read online recently. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account and it seems people are more and more joining a growing cultural trend of cyber-social networking. If you don’t already have an on-line account, many would argue your missing the boat. Facebook like many social-networking sites has become an increasingly popular outlet that connects computer heads worldwide much closer than anyone could have imagined 25 years ago.