New Mexico repeals death penalty

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson signed legislation today abolishing the death penalty in New Mexico, making it the second state to repeal the death penalty since a U.S. Supreme Court decision reinstated it in 1976. Fourteen other states do not permit the death penalty.

COMMENTARY: Obama's budget could do more for single moms

(WOMENSENEWS)--President Obama says we are entering a new era of financial responsibility. Single mothers have always done more with less; they know all about that.

Marijuana legalisation creates buzz

WASHINGTON, Mar 18 (IPS) - Due perhaps in part to the country's economic woes, but also a major shift in political culture, discussion of marijuana legalisation has risen to a level of openness and prominence previously unseen in the United States.

Michael Jackson planning more surgery

Michael Jackson wants to change his face. The 'Thriller' singer - who will perform 50 shows at The O2 arena, in London, starting in July - is reportedly planning to have plastic surgery to ensure he looks his best on stage.

Windsor auto workers seize shuttered plant

(CBC) - A group of workers at a recently closed auto parts supply company in Windsor, Ontario, Canada have taken over the plant.


We got bills to pay too

Workers protest Fillip Co. closing CHICAGO - It's a warm, sunny March day. On a deserted street of windowless factories, suddenly a boisterous protest pops into view. A picket line is circling in front of Fillip Metal Cabinet Co., maker of kitchen cabinets and office files.

March Madness: Teams to watch for Final Four

Three People’s Weekly World writers give their take on the 2009 tournament.

Womens health: Finding health care without insurance

For many Americans, health insurance provides affordable access to healthcare that allows them to prevent or lower disease risk, manage current medical conditions, and maintain overall health. But for the 47 million people in the US who are living without health insurance, attaining even the most basic care can be impossible. Every 24 minutes, someone in America dies because they are uninsured and cannot get the care they need.


ACORN Home Defenders win one in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. — This story has a happy ending, at least for now. But one day last week the future hung on a thread for Fernanda Cardenas and her husband, Armando Ramos, as real estate investors circled around auctioneers of foreclosed properties on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse, like vultures around a carcass.

Coming together to stop racial profiling in East Haven

EAST HAVEN, Conn. -- Community meetings and solidarity actions are being organized in support of Latino residents and immigrant owned businesses in East Haven who have become the victim of racial profiling by police and targets of an extremist anti-immigrant hate group.

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