Survey finds Christianity on the decline -- even in the South

Survey finds Christianity on the decline -- even in the South Christian faith still flourishes in the Bible Belt -- but there, like elsewhere, it's in decline.

Obama needs to launch WPA 2.0

On the side walk outside of my house in the Saylesville section of Lincoln, RI, is a copper emblem sunk into the concrete dating back to 1939. As you can from the picture, it is a tag for a job performed by the Works Progress Administration, the depression era public works project initiated by FDR to get unemployed people jobs during the depression.

In hard times, Women's Day spotlights money

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WOMENSENEWS)--When titans of New York's finance industry are asked to come to Washington, D.C., these days, it's usually not to accept an award for outstanding service to the global community.

Homeowners fight foreclosure injustice

BALTIMORE—Louis Beverly, an ACORN leader here, used a bolt cutter to break the lock on Donna Hanks foreclosed home so she could move back into the house in east Baltimore she lost in foreclosure. Baltimore police issued a warrant for their arrest on “burglary” charges Feb. 24 and both have surrendered and are now awaiting trial.

Waiting begins on Prop. 8 ruling

Now that their testimony has been heard in California’s Supreme Court, the wait has begun for marriage equality activists seeking to overturn a constitutional amendment passed by voters in November, declaring that marriage is between a man and a woman.


Cambridge, MA Oakland, CA St Louis, MO Tucson, AZ

Chris Brown charged with assaulting girlfriend Rihanna

U.S. singer-songwriter Chris Brown was charged by Los Angeles prosecutors on Thursday with two felonies, including assault and making a criminal threat against his girlfriend and pop star Rihanna.

White House health summit addresses basic reform issues

The general issues of health care reform – reducing costs, expanding access and improving the quality of health care – served as the main topic of the first break-out session of the White House health care reform summit on March 5th.

The stimulus bill & clean energy: Getting the most for the money

Labor, community and environmental organizations are organizing to make sure the $113.5 billion the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides for clean energy is used most effectively and that workers are ready to meet the new challenges.

Woodfin workers take another step toward victory

With the Emeryville, Calif. City Council’s confirmation this week that the Woodfin Suites Hotel must pay them some $200,000 in back wages, dozens of current and former workers advanced one more step toward victory in over three years of struggle for fair treatment.

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