Job safety worsens under Bush

Job safety and health under the Bush administration features less enforcement and increased big business clout, a new AFL-CIO report titled Death on the Job: A Toll of Neglect, says. The report was released as unions across the country celebrated Worker’s Memorial Day on April 28.

Philly City Council urges healthcare vote

On May 1 the Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for a ballot referendum on November 4, 2003, for an addition to the City Charter requiring the Department of Health to prepare a plan for universal healthcare coverage that permits every Philadelphian to obtain decent healthcare on a regular basis.

Illinois budget crisis: What to do?

CHICAGO – “The Illinois budget crisis: Taking action to protect people’s needs” will be the theme of a forum to be held Thursday, May 15. Currently the State of Illinois faces a budget deficit of nearly $5 billion in 2004.

National Clips

LAWRENCE, Kansas – People protest war profiteering / CARSON CITY, Nevada – Our state is not a nuclear waste dump / BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – Civil rights ‘foot soldiers’ honored / CHARLESTON, W. Virginia – Stop privatization of Coast Guard

DREAM Act seeks education equity

Imagine this. A mother, trying to escape the poverty of her country, comes to the United States with her three-year-old son. He grows up here. Goes to school and does well. In high school he’s in “the Honors Program and take[s] three Advanced Placement classes.”

Labor and the 2004 elections The view from Iowa and South Carolina

Mark Smith, president of the Iowa AFL-CIO, said his federation is not “doing much” when it comes to the 2004 election. “That comes after the AFL-CIO makes its endorsement. But some of our affiliates are busy,” he added, pointing to the May 17 forum organized by the State, County and Municipal Employees.