National Clips

NEW YORK, N.Y.: Workers killed in “mistaken” raids / WASHINGTON, D.C.: High Court rejects deportation cases / LOS ANGELES, Calif.: Ludlow wins council seat / LAS VEGAS, Nevada: Teamsters hold organizing conference / NEW LONDON, Conn.: Continuing the struggle for peace

Vet health care worth saving

Under the headline “A Storm is Brewing,” the May issue of The American Legion Magazine contains an interview with National Commander Ronald F. Conley, an Air Force veteran and pipe fitter from Pittsburgh.

Fighting a home foreclosure on the Iron Range

When Janet Johnson went to help her mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, make arrangements for her care, she never suspected that it would lead down a road of home foreclosure and even more heartache. Yet, that is the road she treds, and hers is not an isolated one.

Anger grows at deaths of 19 immigrants

A Mexican Air Force C-180 cargo plane flew the bodies of 19 immigrant workers back to Mexico last week for burial in many grief-stricken cities and towns.

FCC rule changes threaten freedom of press

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) will vote June 2 on rules governing media ownership, allowing further consolidation and control by the nation’s largest media corporations.

Taxes: No pretty sunsets here

On May 23 Congress passed a $320 billion tax cut. Or was it $350 billion? Or $550 billion? But what ever its size, one thing is certain: it was another bonanza for the richest of the rich – and will cost a great deal more than any of the numbers being kicked around.