Cultural treasures at train depot

Artrain USA is a unique art museum on rails. It brings art exhibitions and programs directly to communities that have limited access to museums or collections.

Don West: Southern radical and poet too

Book Review No Lonesome Road: Selected Prose and Poems By Don West, edited by Jeff Biggers and George Brosi University of Illinois Press, 2004 Softcover, 280 pp., $25

Colin Powell, phone home

Opinion General Powell: In Bob Woodward’s recent book, “Plan of Attack,” he says you said such things to President Bush as, “You break it, you own it,” when he said he planned to attack Iraq. You also reportedly said, “You know, you’re going to be owning this place,” and “You are going to be the proud owner of 25 million people.”

The UN can make a difference for Iraq

Opinion Last January, Tareeq Al-Shaab, the Iraqi Communist Party’s (ICP) newspaper, editorialized, “It is well known that the occupation forces did not want, from the start, to give the UN a central and ‘vital’ role for various reasons.