May Day lives!: CPUSA hosts May 1 reception

NEW YORK — The Communist Party USA hosted a reception celebrating May Day at its national headquarters here following the successful peace rally in Central Park. The event was a stirring end to a long day of marching and chanting. Members of the Communist Party, Young Communist League (YCL) and their allies from around the country and world attended.

Bush means test would wreck Social Security

WASHINGTON — Defenders of Social Security charged this week that a “means test” on Social Security as proposed by President George W. Bush would inflict huge benefit cuts for 70 percent of recipients, clearing the way to destroy the system vital to Americans’ economic security.


40,000 march to abolish nuclear weapons

NEW YORK — On May 1, the eve of a world meeting at the United Nations to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), tens of thousands of people from around the globe marched through the streets here under the slogan “No nukes! No wars!” Click here for Spanish text

College student expelled for organizing pro-labor teach in

After attempting to organize a teach-in for University faculty and staff focusing on the school’s poor working conditions, Robert Patillo, a student at Clark Atlanta University, was thrown out of school. The forum was to be led by representatives of local labor unions, as part of a national “Student/Labor Week of Action.”

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