Wal-Mart freeloads off Georgia kids

Thousands of Georgia kids are going without health care as a result of Wal-Mart’s freeloading on the state’s health care program for poor children, according to a state legislator in Georgia, where a $5 million health care budget deficit was filled by “locking out” 45,000 low-income kids this year.

Puerto Ricans fight against death penalty

A U.S. federal court in Puerto Rico may sentence two men to death this week, contrary to the wishes of most Puerto Ricans and in violation of the island nation’s Constitution. The situation highlights the issue of colonialism in the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico.

Labor cant win in a house divided

Like no other time in the last 50 years, a united labor movement is critical to defending the working class and the American people. It is decisive to any hope for a progressive agenda for the whole nation, not just for union members.

Soldier refuses Armys order to go to Iraq

PHILADELPHIA — Carl Webb, a U.S. soldier who had re-enlisted in 2001, found out two weeks before his contract was up in 2004 that the Army was extending his enlistment — without his consent — under what it calls its “stop loss” program. The Army told Webb to report for training with the Texas National Guard at Fort Hood in preparation for going to Iraq.

Red Lake tragedy has roots in inequities

In the wake of the March 21 shooting at Red Lake Indian Reservation, Native Americans and advocates for children say the tragedy has its roots in racism, the oppression of Native Americans, and misplaced national priorities that adversely impact America’s youth in general.

Washington U students sit in, demand living wage

ST. LOUIS — About 20 students and alumni entered the Washington University admissions office April 4, demanding a response to their appeal for a living wage for campus employees. The students are members of the Student Worker Alliance (SWA).

Rumsfeld sued for allowing torture

WASHINGTON — Defenders of human rights have hailed as long overdue a lawsuit holding Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld responsible for the torture of detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dont pick our pockets to line your own: Nationwide Social Security actions hit Schwab investment

CHICAGO — “Privatizing Social Security may be good business for Charles Schwab, but it’s a bad deal for working Americans,” Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon told the multiracial and multigenerational crowd of 300 that overflowed the sidewalk in front of the giant investment firm’s office here. “The stock market is a gamble,” Gannon continued, “I’ve got a mother who is 83, a daughter who is 22 and I’m 52. Privatization puts us all in jeopardy.”