Community wins housing, saves historic station

OAKLAND, Calif. — A sense of high drama filled the City Council chamber May 3 as former Congressman Ronald V. Dellums called on council members to put the needs of West Oakland’s working-class community first in their deliberations on the area’s largest-ever housing development.

Calif. governor on slippery slope

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger continued this week to lose ground on proposals he announced with great fanfare in January, while his poll numbers sagged further.

University students rally to defend Social Security

SAN JOSE, Calif. — The message was clear: Social Security is a program for all ages.

Is a recession on the horizon?

WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary John Snow called it “terrific news on jobs” when the government reported last week that 274,000 jobs were generated in April, higher than expected even though the 5.2 percent jobless rate remained unchanged.

UN nuclear talks stalled by Bush policies

UNITED NATIONS — The UN opened its review of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) amid an unprecedented level of antinuclear activity by more than 1,700 nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Yet, the conference has stalled mainly due to the U.S. refusal to adhere to commitments it made in 1995 and 2000.

St. Louis salutes peoples champions

ST. LOUIS — The Missouri/Kansas Friends of the People’s Weekly World annual awards breakfast always draws a crowd. This year was no different.

Building for the future

Sunlight streams into the People’s Weekly World’s new editorial office in Chicago’s Unity Center as graphic designer Marguerite Wright lays out a page on her computer. In Los Angeles, PWW contributing writer Rosalio Muñoz taps out an e-mail in the cheerful, freshly painted Los Angeles Workers Center. In New York’s renovated Unity Center meeting hall, PWW reporter Dan Margolis helps host a reception for representatives of the global antinuclear movement who converged on the United Nations this month. The three buildings are the focus of a nationwide capital fundraising campaign to build a solid financial base for these “community centers of education and struggle.”


Student protesters: Stop GOP drive to gag Senate

WASHINGTON — College students gathered in the shadow of the Capitol, May 11, for a 24-hour “Frist filibuster” to protest Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s threatened “nuclear option.” Frist is seeking 50 votes to repeal the Senate’s 200-year tradition of open debate.

More money down the drain: War cost bleeds states, cities

As U.S. casualties in Iraq topped 1,600, the U.S. Congress approved another $82 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and related spending, with the bulk going to the Iraq occupation.

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