EDITORIAL: Two anniversaries

On May 8 and 9, 1945, the world celebrated the victory in Europe of the Allies — the U.S., Britain and the USSR — over the forces of Hitler fascism that first destroyed democracy in Germany and then overran and terrorized country after country on the continent.

Hiroshima mayor calls for nuclear weapons ban

Tadatoshi Akiba, mayor of Hiroshima, Japan, and president of Mayors for Peace, addressed a standing room crowd of over 350 at DePaul University here April 27.

Obesity no time, money for nutritious meals

I can still see my mother walking up Palmetto Street, shopping bags in hand. Fresh green leafy things peaking out and over the sides.

The dismal failure of market-based health care

During the past two decades, health care in the United States has undergone a radical transformation — for the worse. Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele examine this change in their critical study of American health care, “Critical Condition.” They blame the change on a “national policy to run health care like a business, a misguided notion that the free market and for-profit health care would restrain costs and bring high-quality care to all.”

Flight attendants threaten CHAOS

Flight attendants at United Airlines aren’t up in the air about how they’ll respond to looming pension cuts. They have put in place a strategic strike strategy as a showdown with the airline approaches.

Oklahoma picketers talk about patriotism

NORMAN, Okla. — Driving down Main Street on my lunch break, I passed a lively group of union picketers in front of the Nissan dealership here. I had a little time before I had to return to work so I swung by to talk with them and hand out some PWWs.

The urgent case for nationalizing the oil industry

If you understand the importance of oil to modern capitalism, you will understand a great deal indeed.

AFL-CIO responds to debate: Emphasis on growth, political mobilization, diversity

Putting more emphasis on organizing and mobilizing union members to impact legislation at all levels were the twin focal points of a 20-page packet of recommendations titled “Winning for Working Families,” issued by the officers of the AFL-CIO April 20.

EU Constitution faces possible French rejection

The future of the European Union Constitution remains in doubt as more polls show a strong potential for a “no” vote in France on May 29. Despite efforts by President Jaques Chirac to encourage the passage of the document, polls showed that as many as 58 percent of French voters intend to reject it.

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