Realities of the class struggle

For the last five years, we have analyzed the fascist danger of the Bushites and their corporate backers. We have understood that their basic attempt is not only to dominate the world, but also to take back every gain our working class has won since the days of Franklin Roosevelt.

eComrades exchange ideas on new website

You never can tell what issue will draw debate until you get into a public dialogue. Since its launch a little over a month ago, the online Communist Party USA preconvention discussion web site has grown to over 100 participants with 150 posts.

Class struggle and activism still on partys agenda

In their recent op-ed article, “Upholding theoretical foundations,” (PWW 5/14-20), readers Walter Tillow, Greg Godwin and Thomas Kenny take Communist Party USA National Chair Sam Webb to task for “[apparently retreating] from the theoretical foundations of communist activism.”

Ownership society but who really owns it?

The New Deal of the 1930s can be seen as a response to the reality of socialism born in 1917, when the Russian Revolution thrust on the world’s action agenda the vision of a society based on collective ownership and working class empowerment to meet human needs. Seventy years later, the Bush/Republican far-right advocacy of an “ownership society” can be seen as an effort to turn the clock back to the world before socialism came on the scene — a world of untrammeled power for a few “captains of society,” and crumbs for those who do the work.

Upholding theoretical foundations

The tradition and theory of Marxist-Leninism has served the Communist Party USA well. CPUSA chair Sam Webb’s comments (PWW 4/16-22) appear to reflect a retreat from the theoretical foundations of communist activism.

A Marxist perspective on religion today

Among the “wedge” issues with which the ultra-right attempts to divide the working class are the questions of (1) rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, including marriage or civil unions, access to benefits and health care, and (2) rights of women, including availability of birth control, the right to choose an abortion, and full and equal participation in economic and social life.