Gran oposicin a discurso Bush sobre inmigracin

Mientras el debate sobre la reforma migratoria se reanuda en el Senado el 15 de mayo, el presidente Bush pronuncia un discurso televisado a nivel nacional, tratando de motivar a su base conservadora atemorizándolos con cuentos de espanto antiinmigrantes, pero a la misma vez aparecer como persona compasiva.

Mega-rich families spend millions to repeal estate tax

“Money to get power, and power to guard the money,” was the motto of the powerful Medici family in 16th century Florence, Italy. It is getting to be a successful modern political strategy for some of America’s wealthiest families today.

Growing determination to free Cuban Five

The Cuban Five — Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, René González, Gerardo Hernández and Fernando González — were defending Cuba against right-wing, Miami-based terrorism when they were arrested by U.S. authorities almost eight years ago. Despite an international outcry, they remain unjustly imprisoned.


Bush speech falls flat: Border militarization dubbed lousy policy

If President Bush thought he could mobilize his conservative base with anti-immigrant fear-mongering while still appearing “compassionate,” his efforts fell flat.