EDITORIAL: Our anthem nuestro himno

Always on the lookout for wedge issues to divide us, President Bush waded in on the side of “English only,” proclaiming it is wrong to sing the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish.

U of Miami janitors celebrate victory

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — After two months of struggle, including picket lines, demonstrations and a three-week hunger strike, striking janitors at the University of Miami have won the right to unionize through the method of their choice, a card check process.

Labor summit: Beat Bush agenda, save affirmative action!

DETROIT — A clarion call for unity was sounded at a Labor Summit on Affirmative Action and Segregation here April 28. Conference-goers heard the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm and local civil rights and labor leaders urge the civil rights movement, labor and their allies to turn out the vote in November to defeat the Bush agenda.