How a Karl Rove PowerPoint presentation works

I first heard of Karl Rove on July 30, 2003. Tom Hamburger’s Wall Street Journal story about Rove’s PowerPoint presentation to officials at the Department of the Interior finally revealed to me, as they say, the man behind the curtain.

EDITORIAL: Police riot in Los Angeles

After the massive demonstration for immigrant rights in Los Angeles on May 1, millions of television viewers nationwide watched horrified as helmeted cops swung clubs and fired shotguns into crowds of peaceful marchers and at well-known Spanish-language news personalities.

EDITORIAL: A terrorist goes free

Cuban exile Luis Posada was to have been tried in El Paso, Texas, May 11. But on May 8, U.S. District Judge Kathleen Cardone dismissed fraud charges related to his illegal entry into the U.S. two years ago. Now Posada will go back to his wife’s home in Miami.


Union membership would double with EFCA NLRB opens new attack on unions Workers who missed lunch get back pay Unions try to block Detroit giveaway

Healthy planet a low priority for capitalism

The capitalist class is incapable of reversing the destruction of humanity’s environment, for deep social, economic and political reasons.

Consumers fight soaring electric rates

CHICAGO — At the end of a 10-year rate freeze in Illinois, electric rates are projected to increase between 22 percent and 55 percent statewide. Customers, especially in southern Illinois, have already seen their bills double and triple.


Peru: Mineworkers strike over job rules Philippines: Major election looms Somalia: U.S. promotes, ignores Somali suffering Korea: Campaign for unity persists Great Britain: World’s biggest union launched

Sarkozy seeks a more business-friendly France

French president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy plans to waste no time making France a friendlier place for business — and a less friendly place for unions and would-be immigrants — but first he must win control of parliament in new elections next month.

Colombias forgotten humanitarian crisis

Freddy Espitia was murdered in Monteria, Colombia, on Jan. 28. Yolanda Izquierdo was killed three days later. Both were internally displaced persons (IDPs) fighting for the rights of other displaced persons, particularly peasants.

Student mentor barred over metal detector

NEW YORK — Mario Rodriguez received a call at work from his 17-year-old daughter who should have been in class at the Community School for Social Justice (CSSJ) in the Bronx. On March 21, New York City police officers had detained his daughter and another student for refusing a metal detector scan at the school.

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