Minutemen draw flak near San Jose

CAMPBELL, Calif. — In response to the May Day pro-immigrant rights demonstrations, members of the so-called Minuteman Civil Defense Corps staged a rally here, May 12, but were unsuccessful in spreading their anti-immigrant message.

John Pappademos, Marxist scholar and activist, 82

John Pappademos, a Marxist scholar, fighter for peace and justice, and longtime member of the Communist Party, died on May 6. He was 82.

Another view of Lives of Others

“The Lives of Others,” the German film that won the 2007 Best Foreign Film Academy Award, is a sophisticated attack on socialism that tries to discount many of the extraordinary achievements made by the German Democratic Republic before it was absorbed into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) in the early 1990s.

Loss of memory unleashes shaky past

At 28, Sarah Polley, director of “Away from Her,” a Canadian film, has taken on some heady and tough issues and refuses to use sympathy as a tool to capture the audience.

Stop global warming? Start with the Pentagon

What role does the U.S. military play in contributing to global warming?

Lessons from the suburbs

Farmers Branch, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, has earned the distinction of being the first city in North America to criminalize landlords who provide shelter to non-citizens.



Ask the Communists

Where does the Communist Party USA stand on the idea of freedom of expression, both in speech and political viewpoints that go against the party?



Presidential hopefuls back unionists at D.C. rally Companies reclassify workers to escape pay and tax obligations Paid family leave in Washington state Workers win a union four years after vote Victory for immigrant workers at Dulles Airport

Mich. AFL-CIO urges stepped-up action

TROY, Mich. — Mark Gaffney, president of the Michigan AFL-CIO, addressed its 27th biennial convention here May 15 and called for labor to put the word “movement” back on its agenda

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