Labor, community support fired hotel workers

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Drumbeats and chants echoed through this city’s upscale shopping hub May 3 as hundreds of protesters rallied in front of the Woodfin Suite Hotel to support 12 immigrant workers unjustly fired after they demanded their rights under a living wage law.

Lincoln Brigade vets celebrate 71st anniversary

NEW YORK — Unity against today’s far right and ending the Iraq war were the themes as veterans of the struggle to save the Spanish republic from Francisco Franco’s fascist insurgency gathered with families, friends and supporters April 29 to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.


Where are their WMDs?

“Offside” is a casual, open-hearted and good natured movie that comes at a great time for Americans who are being subjected to the daily demonization of Iran by U.S. officials.


Petition seeks Nobel Prize for Pete Seeger

If a pair of Bay Area folksingers and cultural activists have their way, Pete Seeger, the now 88-year-old icon of music for peace and justice, will be nominated for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.

Lying at MIT teaches important lesson

Recently, Marilee Jones, MIT’s dean of admissions, was discovered to have lied on her application regarding her educational qualifications. Upon being accused, she resigned from her post, and MIT is planning on replacing her with a more “qualified” applicant. The most striking part of this event, however, is that Jones served 10 years before ever being caught in her lie!

More voters facing unfair barriers

Texas may now be the latest state to enact new Jim Crow-like restrictions on American voters.

Down by the riverside, new nukes

Over the past year, a group of nuclear physicists has been studying a site on the banks of a beautiful river. Hidden from international nuclear inspectors, they are drawing up plans for a new facility, possibly along this river, designed to perform research on plutonium and build new nuclear bombs by the year 2020.



The real buzz about disappearing bees

There is much excitement in the newspapers and on the radio and TV about the mysterious disappearing honeybees. Many people were not aware of this, but it is true that one-third of our food depends on honeybees for pollination.

How a Karl Rove PowerPoint presentation works

I first heard of Karl Rove on July 30, 2003. Tom Hamburger’s Wall Street Journal story about Rove’s PowerPoint presentation to officials at the Department of the Interior finally revealed to me, as they say, the man behind the curtain.

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