American Axle workers take cuts, hope to fight another day

Three decades of right-wing attacks on the labor and peoples movements have taken their toll but workers continue to fight back, winning some battles and losing others.

Dublin confab would ban cluster bombs

New Yorker Mark Garlasco knew why he was in Dublin, Ireland representing Human Rights Watch. “I have seen cluster munitions used across the world,” he told Al Jazeera. “These are the types of weapons that should never be used. There is no way to use these weapons in a legal manner.”

Hold on to your seats in Redbelt

Don’t miss “Redbelt”. But, when you sit down in the theater, make sure you have a good seat belt (regardless of the color).


Building on her earlier book “Chavez Code” (Olive Branch Press, 2006), Eva Golinger has written “Bush vs. Chavez, Washington’s War on Venezuela,” a riveting, comprehensive rundown on continuing U.S. assaults against the Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez. Golinger is a lawyer living in Venezuela who grew up and was educated in the United States.

This week in labor

The Bush administration continues, on all fronts, to abandon enforcement of job safety and health standards. Recent Congressional hearings shed light on the administration’s almost total disregard of ergonomic injuries. The lax attitude was displayed in testimony by Labor Secretary Elaine Chao who tried on May 7 to defend the administration’s budget proposals for enforcement of rules to prevent ergonomic injuries, widely seen as totally inadequate.

Separatism threatens left gains in Latin America

The approval of autonomy by voters in Bolivia’s Santa Cruz department on May 4 stimulated legislators from the right wing New Time Party in Venezuela’s oil rich Zulia state to propose a commission to study the feasibility of separate status there.

Opinion: Thoughts about Israel at 60

Feelings about the state of Israel occupy a broad spectrum of world opinion, from adoring admiration in some quarters to hate veering into outright anti-Semitism from some others.

Fourth Fleet threatens peace and democracy in Latin America

Latin American leaders have been critical of the Bush administration plan to reestablish the U.S. Fourth Fleet which will, according to a Department of Defense press release, operate “in the Caribbean, and Central and South America.” The Fourth Fleet, originally established in 1943 during World War II to patrol and protect maritime traffic from the Nazis, was disbanded in 1950.

Corruption, social debt rule in Colombia

Colombian armed forces killed Raul Reyes in Ecuador on March 1, along with 24 others. That ended the present prospect for prisoner exchanges between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Colombian government. Reyes had served as the principal FARC negotiator.

Fidel and biofuel

In all the news reports about food costs, shortages, and riots, don’t expect the corporate media to remind you that it was none other than Fidel Castro who foresaw these events over one year ago.

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