McCain a no-show on equal pay for women

GOP presidential candidate John McCain is saying it’s fine with him if women never get justice for pay discrimination they suffer on the job.

In Mississippi, work is now a felony for undocumented immigrants

JACKSON, Miss. (4/20/08) -- On March 17, Mississippi Governor Hayley Barbour signed into law the farthest-reaching employer sanctions law of any on the books in the U.S.

Bush war on health care violated laws

A just-released report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) charged that the Bush administration “violated federal laws last year when it restricted states’ ability to provide health care insurance to children of middle-income families.”

Hispanic Caucus stands up to right-wing on immigration

Less than a year since the Bush administration’s flawed “comprehensive” immigration bill failed in the Senate and with just six months until the November elections, pressure on the House by both pro and anti-immigrant groups is growing.

Movie Review: Under the Same Moon

This new Mexican film, “Under the Same Moon” is a very timely and present movie. It is going on right now. It shows how the immigration laws affect those whose families are split between the U.S. and Mexico. Their families are just as important as ours.

Workers Memorial Day and May Day: Putting back the history that was stripped from the books

PHILADELPHIA – At the annual Workers Memorial Day Breakfast here on the morning of April 29th 300 assembled trade unionists honored the over 160 men and women who died on the job during the past year in the tri-state area, which includes Delaware and South Jersey.

Foreclosure reforms that guarantee more foreclosures

Both the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns responded in unity, thankfully, to John McCain’s speech recently on economic policy. McCain’s economic policy can be easily summarized: “More time for more of the same, just like in Iraq”: Continuation, even expansion, of the huge Bush tax breaks for corporations and Wall Street with no relief for the working class.

Kucinich joins AFL-CIO election training effort

CLEVELAND - Warning of grave danger to the rights and living standards of working people, Congressman Dennis Kucinich urged a meeting of 100 union activists here to go all out to defeat Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate for President in next November’s election.

Chicago protest condemns lies about China

CHICAGO -- About 500 residents and students, mainly from Chicago’s Chinese American community protested April 24 in Federal Plaza against what they call “lies and distortions” being broadcast by CNN in its coverage of Chinese government action against protests in Tibet. Chinese communities have held similar protests across the US and internationally in the last few days.

Unions say workplaces more dangerous under Bush

CROCKETT, Calif. — How much is a human life worth? If that life was claimed by one of the nearly 6,000 U.S. workplace fatalities in 2006, the answer is just $10,133.

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