Opinion: Thoughts about Israel at 60

Feelings about the state of Israel occupy a broad spectrum of world opinion, from adoring admiration in some quarters to hate veering into outright anti-Semitism from some others.


Arizona sheriff stirs furor over sweeps

The raids, which Arpaio claims are aimed at crime and undocumented immigrants, are really designed to stir up prime time TV publicity for the notoriously racist sheriff, and at terrorizing working-class neighborhoods, critics charge.

The GOPs vanishing options

The over-the-top coverage of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Barack Obama’s San Francisco comments, especially in the conservative media, signals growing GOP concern about the electoral implications of Sen. Obama’s call for racial healing and reconciliation.

May Day: finding its way back home

I’ve always wanted a button that reads, “Workers of the world unite, back by popular demand” — almost as long as I’ve wanted one that says, “May Day, made in the USA.”

Pain at the pump

Gas prices set a record at $3.60 a gallon nationwide April 28, up 66 cents from a year ago. Experts expect prices above $4 a gallon this summer. Rising fuel costs are hitting virtually every area of our economy — not just at the gas pump but in the supermarket too.

Stop the feeding frenzy

The corporate media feeding frenzy in the wake of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s question-and-answer session at the National Press Club is the latest example of how desperate right-wing and ruling circles (yes, the real elite) are to suppress any movement for progressive change.


Hispanic Caucus stands up to right wing

Less than a year since the Bush administration’s flawed “comprehensive” immigration bill failed in the Senate and with just six months until the November elections, pressure on the House by both pro and anti-immigrant groups is growing.


Sean Bell verdict outrages New Yorkers

NEW YORK — “What they’re saying is that it was OK for the police to kill Sean,” said Nicole Paultre Bell, fiancée of Sean Bell, the innocent man slain when police officers shot 50 bullets at him and his friends. She was interviewed on a TV news channel here, April 28.

New Paraguayan president puts people first

Fernando Lugo’s April 20 election victory means not only that rightist Colorado Party rule is at an end after 61 years, but also that once the former bishop assumes Paraguay’s presidency next August, another South American government will be in place serving social justice and national independence.

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