Letters - May 31, 2008

Fascist mayor terrorizes Rome Help correct injustice Israel’s nukes ‘Iron Man’ fan


Worldnotes - May 31, 2008

Venezuela: Solidarity = medical education Iraq: U.S. military jails children, report charges Philippines: Activists see less role for coal Italy: Green light for persecution Niger: Report highlights disparities Cuba: Energy revolution bears fruit

Letters - May 24 2008

Stand with veterans The tragedy of Reading First: more than corruption Solidarity tours Dental care is a necessity

Worldnotes - May 24, 2008

Cuba: International Day Against Homophobia South Africa: Protecting water rights Israel: Different health outcomes Brazil: Environment takes a hit Canada: Victims confront multinational giant Australia: Coal mine canary dies

Editorial: Hypocrisy on veterans

This Memorial Day, we think about the more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers dead and the tens of thousands wounded in body and mind in a war based on lies, pushed by a clique of right-wing militarists and their corporate backers.


Iron Man exposes U.S. arms race

If moviegoers get past the “Hollywoodisms” and the other distractions, they will learn something about the military industrial complex in the new film “Iron Man.”


Letters - May 17, 2008

More on food security Tibet Prisoner’s thank you Stop ‘Runner Initiative’ School cuts Working families deserve better


Worldnotes - May 17, 2008

Nicaragua: Emergency food summit India: Food protests planned Turkey: May Day police violence Somalia: U.S. and Ethiopia blamed Cuba: Cuban Five remembered

Pictures from May Day 2008

Here are some photos from May Day events around the country. Workers gathered in cities across the U.S. to celebrate International Workers Day but also to demand a humane immigration policy.


Letters - May 10, 2008

McCain is the enemy New Deal for people, not Wall Street Prison spending stats McCain, wrong again

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