GLBT leaders side with labor union to boycott restaurants owned by GLBT ally

Local government officials and GLBT activists are siding with UNITE HERE Local 30’s boycott of Old Town San Diego Historic Park’s restaurants Fiesta de Reyes and Barra Barra, owned by GLBT ally Chuck Ross, who says the GLBT community is turning against him.


Sen. Sherrod Brown at labor meet: New energy economy is unprecedented opportunity

CLEVELAND — An array of labor leaders, public officials and policy experts gathered here recently to detail the promise and perils for Ohio in the transition to a clean energy, green jobs economy.


Danny Glover joins tour supporting union manufacturing workers

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (AP) — Actor Danny Glover joined labor, political and civil-rights leaders on one of the first stops of a four-day, 11-state tour supporting U.S. manufacturing workers.

Florida workers confront union-busters

Jacksonville, Fla. — 200 workers gathered May 17 at the IBEW local 177 union Hall to pick up signs supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, form ranks, and march to the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel. The occasion was the Spring 2009 National Conference of the infamous union-busting outfit Committee for a Union-Free Environment, AKA: CUE, inc.

Senators ask for investigation of Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation to continue

Here is a report on the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation). This is the agency that is supposed to take over, and administer pension plans in the case of a bankruptcy, assuring that workers do not lose everything.


UAW Ford local honors Hunger March veteran Dave Moore

LIVONIA, Mich. — People said it was one of the largest turnouts ever, but that’s not surprising when Dave Moore is the person being honored. Moore, a veteran of the Ford Hunger March who later helped organize the United Auto Workers’ famous Local 600 at Ford’s Rouge plant in 1941, was honored by hundreds of UAW Local 600 retirees at their 30th annual luncheon here.

UE weighs in on Washington health care proposals

The meeting at the union’s national headquarters in Pittsburgh on May 14-15, UE’s General Executive Board discussed the national debate on health care and the reform proposals now being considered by Congress and the Obama administration. The union’s national leadership board adopted the following statement on health care reform:

Unions urge OSHA to enforce swine flu worker protections

With more than 5,000 confirmed and probable cases of the H1NI (swine flu) virus in the United States—including 82 infections in health care workers—as well as six deaths and reports that the virus is continuing to spread, the AFL-CIO and several unions today urged the federal government to act swiftly to protect workers.

Labor Dept. dangles big carrot to get states to expand jobless aid

The U.S. Labor Department is dangling a $3.5 billion carrot in front of state governments to get them to expand the numbers and categories of workers eligible for unemployment benefits.

North Carolina workers battle Smithfield Packing's union busting ways

For many years the name Smithfield Packing was synonymous with violation of international human rights standards, retaliation against workers who reported injuries, threats, intimidation and violence against workers trying to organize a union. The company earned that reputation at its Tarheel, N.C plant where assembly line speeds were so fast that hundreds suffered brutal and disabling injuries.

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