Act now to stop Wisconsin Chrysler jobs from going to Mexico

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO has issued an urgent appeal for workers across the country to write President Obama urging him to stop Chrysler from shutting down an engine plant in Kenosha, Wis., and shipping the 800 jobs to Mexico.

Union launches Wal-Mart organizing drive

For the last six years the United Food and Commercial Workers union has led a national publicity campaign that has resulted in millions viewing Wal-Mart as a monster that chews up its workers and takes advantage of its customers. The union is now shifting gears, however, and renewing an effort it set aside six years ago – a drive to organize the workers employed by the retail giant.


Oakland workers, neighbors give Port Board an earful

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Port board members got an earful from workers and local residents at a May 2 public hearing on the Comprehensive Truck Management Plan the Port of Oakland is preparing as part of its overall program to clean up air pollution plaguing the port and surrounding neighborhoods.

Is a workers life worth about $11,300?

Eleazar Torres-Gomez climbed onto a slow-moving conveyor to untangle a pile of wet laundry. Cintas, the laundry giant, encouraged workers at its Tulsa, Okla. plant to climb onto the conveyors to push items that were tangled into the dryers to meet production goals. He was then sucked into the industrial dryer on March 6, 2007 and drew his last breath inside its 300-degree chamber.

New project to combat unconscious racism

While the election of President Obama shows that overt racism is less acceptable in America, a new project launched last month by the Institute for America’s Future explores the large role unconscious racial bias still plays in our politics and society.

May Day marches put immigration reform front & center

CHICAGO — Thousands of immigrant rights advocates marched in cities coast to coast May 1, to honor the most widely celebrated holiday on the planet, International Workers Day. Thousands took to the streets in Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Milwaukee, Denver, Chicago and New York to press for comprehensive immigration reform, a halt to raids and deportations and a path toward legalization for the country’s estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants.


At Haymarket, workers demand EFCA and immigrant rights

CHICAGO – As the skies began clearing here May 1, several hundred enthusiastic labor activists gathered for the annual celebration at the Haymarket Monument to honor the Haymarket martyrs and step up the fight for workers rights. Workers from December’s Republic Windows sit-in and a group of young anarchists also participated.

What will fix economy? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

WARREN, Ohio -- Approximately 2,000 steel, auto, electrical, public and other workers and their families from throughout the Mahoning Valley rallied here May 2 to demand protection from the growing economic crisis.


Hospitals not ready for swine flu

“I can’t honestly say that my hospital is ready to protect the health and safety of our workers during a potential pandemic.” The words were those of a top level administrator at one of the largest suburban hospitals in the New York City area, who spoke with the World, May 4, on condition of anonymity.

Haymarket anniversary marks workers historic struggle for labor standards

Workers and their unions gathered Friday in Chicago at the Haymarket monument to honor the significance and sacrifice of those who died in the struggle for the eight-hour day. On this day in 1886 a labor rally supporting the strike at McCormick Harvesting for the eight-hour day ended in bloodshed. Police charged into labor activists, a bomb was thrown at them and police opened fire on the crowd of activists. Many people were killed and wounded. In the immediate aftermath workers were rounded up and harshly treated. Eight Haymarket labor activists were tried and four were executed.

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