Haymarket anniversary marks workers historic struggle for labor standards

Workers and their unions gathered Friday in Chicago at the Haymarket monument to honor the significance and sacrifice of those who died in the struggle for the eight-hour day. On this day in 1886 a labor rally supporting the strike at McCormick Harvesting for the eight-hour day ended in bloodshed. Police charged into labor activists, a bomb was thrown at them and police opened fire on the crowd of activists. Many people were killed and wounded. In the immediate aftermath workers were rounded up and harshly treated. Eight Haymarket labor activists were tried and four were executed.

America's RNs call for much broader response to swine flu

After years of shredding our public health infrastructure and ill-advised minimal preparations for the next great global pandemic, the spreading swine flu threat is at last making clear the very real calamity that could be just around the corner. If not today, surely from the next epidemic

From Haymarket to Ludlow from Harlan to Matewan from Mother Jones to you

So it has come to this, why must I wake the sleeping? It wasn’t so long ago I was asleep myself. Why must I be the one to tell you what you don’t want to hear? Why must I tell you about how quickly hot red human blood congeals and turns black when mixed with cold pavement or frozen mud? Murderous armies training automatic weapons on women and children, then firing off a few rounds, just for fun.


Union prepares to 'stamp out hunger' May 9th

In 10,000 cities and towns across the country this May 9th the 300,000 members of the National Letter Carriers Association (NALC) will be collecting tens of millions of pounds food to help the needy as part of its 17th annual 'Stamp Out Hunger' food drive.

Needed now: a national retirement security program

An autoworker we know is facing the possible slashing of his General Motors pension, earned in decades of work. Even with the full pension and his Social Security check, this 79-year-old retiree can barely cover his basic monthly bills.

At Chrysler its the workers, as usual, who come to the rescue

The rank-and-file approved, on April 29, a deal between the United Auto Workers union and Chrysler LLC that involves major new concessions by workers that will help the automaker slash costs and hang on in its bid for survival.

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