Hartmarx workers vote to sit in if Wells Fargo closes their factory

DES PLAINES, Ill. — Hundreds of union workers packed a lunchroom at the Hart Schaffner & Marx manufacturing plant here May 11 and voted unanimously to stage a sit-in at their factory if a new owner tries to shut it down. The company, also known as Hartmarx Corp., employs 600 people here and is one of the last and largest remaining suit makers in the U.S.

Obama seeking ways to curb repetitive motion injuries

There once were job safety rules that helped keep down the number of ergonomic injuries. They were killed by President Bush and a GOP-run Congress. Ergonomic injuries, also called musculo-skeletal and repetitive-motion injuries are by far the most common injuries workers get when they go to work. Hundreds of thousands of these injuries happen annually, costing millions of lost workdays.

Fiat plans mass sackings and plant closures throughout Europe

Last week, the Italian car company Fiat presented its plans for taking over General Motors’ German auto division Opel as part of its acquisition of the insolvent Chrysler company. The plan it presented to the German government, as well as to the Opel betriebsrat (works council), includes the destruction of at least 10,000 jobs, as well as factory closures at Vauxhall in England and at Fiat plants in Italy and Poland.

Labor, allies vow Never Again, one year after Postville immigration raid

POSTVILLE, Ia. — The people of this town will never forget what happened here a year ago, today. At first, there was confusion. There were so many helicopters in the sky and, one by one, they seemed to be landing everywhere. Men, armed to the teeth like commandos, jumped out and grabbed people on the streets.

Obama budget: A 180 degree turn on how workers will be protected

“If we expect our workers to come to work, every day, we have to protect them,” declared Jordan Barab, acting head of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, when he spoke to union nurses at their legislative gathering in Washington D.C. last week.

17,000 banana workers go on strike in Colombia

BOGOTA - Colombian banana farm workers in the country's key growing region went on strike May 8 over pay and benefits, threatening hundreds of thousands of boxes exported a day, union leaders and producers said.

Union gains as Hyundai India strike ends

INDIA: Indian autoworkers at Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) and members of the Hyundai Motor India Employees' Union (HMIEU) ended their work stoppage and hunger strike after management agreed to a number of worker demands, mediated by the Tamil Nadu District Commissioner of Labor.

Iran rights group urges world pressure to free labor, women detainees

Human rights and trade union organizations across the globe are combining to call for the release from prison of participants in the May Day rally in Iran’s capital, Tehran, this month.

Safeway, workers agree to continue labor talks

DENVER (AP) — With the threat of a strike looming, Safeway agreed to resume negotiations with its union workers a day after they authorized a strike, a company spokeswoman said Sunday. The labor contract between Safeway and its workers expired Saturday night without a new labor agreement and workers were planning to walk off their jobs as soon as Monday.

Netroots Nation Salon: The fight for Employee Free Choice, online and off

Online organizers and progressive activists from inside and outside the union movement met today at the AFL-CIO for a frank conversation about the state of the Employee Free Choice Act and how online activism can help push the bill forward. Sponsored by the AFL-CIO and Netroots Nation, a nonprofit organization for the advancement of online political activism, the event, titled “Can the Netroots help make the Employee Free Choice Act law,” was part of Netroots Nation’s ongoing Salon Series.

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