May Day: Workers of the world unite for a better life!

"This is a day to protest against bad conditions for working people and join together to fight for a better world."

Air traffic controllers, pilots see better skies ahead

Already hopeful because of President Obama’s decision to put former Airline Pilots Association President J. Randolph Babbitt in charge of the Federal Aviation Administration, the nation’s air traffic controllers are finally on their way to getting a new union contract.


Actors Equity launches bid for commemorative stamp

(AFL-CIO NOW) Actors’ Equity has launched a nationwide campaign to become the first union honored with a U.S. postal stamp. The union is petitioning the U.S. Postal Service to issue a stamp commemorating the union’s 100th birthday on May 26, 2013.

Rumor of card check's 'death' is greatly exaggerated

Many lawmakers returning home for the Memorial Day break found themselves face to face with union members determined to win passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.


Rally protests plan to shut 8 Chrysler plants

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — A thousand workers rallied at Chrysler’s Sterling Heights Assembly Plant (SHAP) here to protest the planned closing of eight automobile factories in Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, Delaware and Ohio in 2010 as part of the Chrysler-Fiat restructuring.

Passage of Employee Free Choice would be patriotic, veterans say

MOORHEAD, Minn. - With the Memorial Day weekend at hand, veterans from five wars voiced their support for the Employee Free Choice Act in a press conference held at the Hjemkomst Center here. The veterans expressed their concern that the men and women who have worn our country’s uniform are denied some of the basic rights they fought to defend and are just scraping by. Too often, veterans return to unemployment or low-wage jobs.


Black trade unionists: Now is the Future.

ATLANTA — The first major gathering of Black trade unionists since the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, is taking place in this city this Memorial Day weekend under the theme of “Now is the Future.”


Sen. Sherrod Brown at labor meet: New energy economy is unprecedented opportunity

CLEVELAND — An array of labor leaders, public officials and policy experts gathered here recently to detail the promise and perils for Ohio in the transition to a clean energy, green jobs economy.

Senators ask for investigation of Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation to continue

Here is a report on the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation). This is the agency that is supposed to take over, and administer pension plans in the case of a bankruptcy, assuring that workers do not lose everything.

UE weighs in on Washington health care proposals

The meeting at the union’s national headquarters in Pittsburgh on May 14-15, UE’s General Executive Board discussed the national debate on health care and the reform proposals now being considered by Congress and the Obama administration. The union’s national leadership board adopted the following statement on health care reform:

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