COMMENTARY Psychopaths wanted for high court appointment

Wow, is Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, ever in for it! Mark Kirkorian of the anti-immigrant “Center for Immigration Studies” told the press this week that it is incorrect to pronounce her name SotomayOR with the accent on the last syllable as she and anybody who knows a smidgeon of Spanish pronounces it, but that the name should be pronounced “SotoMAYur,' with the accent on the second to last syllable.

Little relationship between immigration and unemployment, studies show

The current economic crisis has intensified the tendency to cast immigrants as scapegoats for this country’s economic problems. Mexican and Latin American immigrants are portrayed as inveterate job thieves who take “American jobs” from “American workers.” Yet new studies cast doubt on this characterization.

Teens and sex: Is the Internet accurate?

We live in a society obsessed with sex. Our relationship with sex, however, is conflicted and more than a little dysfunctional. Mixed messages abound. Popular culture and various institutions both glorify and demonize sex. And much of this is played out via the female body.

Baseball fans celebrate Sotomayor

New York City sports pages are aglow with the 1994-95 decision by federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor that imposed an injunction on the Major League Baseball owners, which stopped them from imposing their own labor rules as the players strike was taking place.

EDITORIAL No way to act

North Korea's recent nuclear test, as well as its subsequent test firing of two missiles, represents a grave threat to peace and stability in the region, the fight to eliminate nuclear weapons from the world and, more generally, the fight for peace and social progress.


Dick Cheney's magical mystery media tour

Dick Cheney has apparently been on a magical mystery media tour. He has sought out and been interviewed by more TV journalists and talk show hosts during the past month than during the eight years he was vice president.


Memorial Day: You cant see change when its happening

Out walking with my dog this morning, down the street from the local Catholic college, we passed a couple of yards strewn with blue plastic beer cups, left over from a night of graduation celebrations. A scene replicated on campuses and surrounding neighborhoods across America, as Memorial Day weekend is a traditional time for college graduations.


Remember Sgt. Provost and other soldiers Memorial Day 2009

Just in time for Memorial Day, I took out the medals won by Roland Francis Provost for “combat valor” in World War II, pinned them to the flag draped over his casket and hung it up on our bedroom wall in Baltimore.

Farewell Phil Stein, brave comrade

Phil Stein passed away last month and there is an obituary to him in the New York Times. I knew Phil for many years and often met him and his wife Gertrude at events and rallies in New York. I also knew Phil's very good friend, comrade, and fellow artist, Charles Keller, who passed away a number of years ago.


MUSIC REVIEW Two giants of music, Bob Dylan & Steve Earle, release new CDs

MusicREVIEW Together Through Life By Bob Dylan Columbia Records Townes By Steve Earle New West Records Two music giants released record albums around May Day last month. While their ages are quite disparate by about 20 years or so, they are beginning to share the same audiences. True, Dylan’s audiences are far broader, but a portion of his appeal is similar to Earle’s. And, of course while Earle is a giant, Dylan’s giant size is far larger.

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