Cuba celebrates gay rights

Cuban President Raul Castro's daughter led thousands of citizens in a street dance in central Havana on Saturday to promote gay rights. Cuban Sex Education Center director Mariela Castro kicked off a programme of events promoting respect for freedom of sexual orientation by joining lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people for a carnival-style conga in central Havana.

Congress wins big in India

In what was called a spectacular win, the Indian National Congress and its allies stormed back to power in parliament May 16. Pundits had predicted a much closer election than actually emerged as the country’s voters decisively indicated their preference for a 'stable government' in New Delhi.

Harry Bridges sculpture unveiled

US longshore workers, members of the ILWU, today pay tribute to the two union brothers, the ILWU's first martyrs, who were the first to give their lives in the Strike of 1934, with the unveiling of a sculpture of Harry Bridges.


Marching to defend jobs

Workers from factories, car plants and steel mills threatened by the economic crisis are descending on Birmingham today for a mass demonstration to defend jobs.


One people, one heap of rubble

Anton Gill writes in his book, ‘An Honorable Defeat,’ that during World War Two numerous underground groups were formed to directly protest Nazi’s Hitler Youth and League of German Girls. As the Allies destroyed more and more sports and youth facilities, and as additional youth were conscripted into the German Army, groups sprang up like the Edelweiss Pirates, Swing Youth, White Rose, and Jazz Youth.

EC for tighter doping controls

Athens, May 15 (Prensa Latina) The European Commission called for stepping up cooperation in doping controls at closing session of a European conference held in Athens conference under the auspices of the European Parliament. Participants noted that doping has gone beyond the boundaries of sports to become a social problem.

Workers in California block Wal-Mart warehouse

Hundreds of warehouse workers organizing to form a union at warehouses operated by huge U.S. retailers east of Los Angeles rallied Thursday. They shut down a Wal-Mart warehouse with civil disobedience. During the action Daniel Medress of Warehouse Workers United described the scene:

Unions mark International Day Against Homophobia

The TUC is urging people to remember lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people who have been killed around the world on International Day Against Homophobia this Sunday (17 May).

Salvador: Its the result of a whole peoples struggle

Nohemy Coto is member of Salvadorian parliament for the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). Huma: What is the impact of the FMLN’s victory? Nohemy Coto : The triumph gained is the result of a multitude of struggles over a period of many years. Since 1821, the Salvadorian people have not ceased in their struggle. We have lived through a war which culminated in peace treaties. But important structural changes have been left in suspense. The FLMN has joined the political struggle by transforming an armed front into a political party. Since 1994, we have not ceased from participating in political life, and today in 2009, we will realise an ambition for which we have so long hoped. A new history is beginning. It is the result of a whole people’s struggle, and not just a single party. It is the victory of a people which intends to guarantee the creation of a government of unity for the country, capable of initiating a new stage in Salvador’s life.

French health workers hit the streets of Paris to protest against service cuts

Thousands of doctors and other hospital workers marched through Paris on Thursday to protest against a proposed cost-cutting drive that unions warn will turn health-care facilities into 'business hospitals.'

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