Hero of Soviet Union dies aged 85

Retired Soviet General Valentin Varennikov died in Moscow on Wednesday at the age of 85. Gen Varennikov joined the Red Army after graduating from an officers' school in 1942 and was sent directly to the front.


Germany: Nuclear withdrawal a campaign issue Ethiopia: Arrests pose quandary for U.S. Australia: Controversy over refugee rights Ecuador: President Correa wins United Arab Emirates: Small state, big arms buyer

Walmarts optimization plan highlights dirty tricks used by companies to lay-off employees

Walmart’s plan to cull an entire layer of management from about 150 stores nationwide may have stalled temporarily but many employees fear the company will simply find another way of removing unwanted staff.

World's mayors gather at U.N. to lobby against nukes

UNITED NATIONS, May 6 (IPS) - The issue of nuclear disarmament being discussed with new vigour in the halls of the U.N. as the third and final preparatory committee leading up to the 2010 review conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) meets over the next two weeks.

May Day in Philly

Philadephians, for the second year in a row, celebrated International Labor Day at Elmwood Park in the city’s southwest section. The site has historical significance in part because of its history in the heart of what was once a major industrial area for the Delaware Valley. It will soon be the home of a memorial monument to the labor movement.

Obama urged to sign native rights declaration

UNITED NATIONS, May 6 (IPS) - The United States is considering whether to endorse a major U.N. General Assembly resolution calling for the recognition of the rights of the world’s 370 million indigenous peoples over their lands and resources.

In addition to H1N1 flu, Mexico declares economic emergency

MEXICO (Prensa Latina) Amid a battle with the H1N1 influenza virus, Mexicans must now deal with an economic emergency declared by the Federal District. La Jornada daily, quoting Governor Marcelo Ebrad, says the 2009 quarterly global indicators of economic activity dove seven percent. Mexico City was hardest hit, with home purchases dropping 40 percent.

South African Parliament to affirm president

JOHANNESBURG May 5 (Prensa Latina) The South African Parliament is expected to choose Jacob Zuma as the new South African President for the next five years, Wednesday. With 65.9 percent of the deputies of the South African National Assembly supporting him, it is anticipated that the African National Congress will elect Zuma, 67 years old and now head of the ANC.

Hamas is backing two-state solution

The political leader of Hamas has expressed support for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, similar to that sought by the Palestinian Authority.

Haiti: Battered and unready for looming storm season

WASHINGTON, May 4 (IPS) - Haiti’s environmental degradation is a time bomb that needs urgent attention if the country is to preserve its already strained social and economic stability, says a new briefing from the International Crisis Group (ICG).

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