Cuba: The unalienable decision to build socialism

Text of the speech given by Salvador Valdés Mesa, CTC general secretary at the central event for May Day in the Plaza de la Revolución.

The day for the poor of the world

Karl Marx called to unity: 'Workers of the world unite,' although many of the poor were not workers. Lenin, who was even more far-reaching, made a call to the peasants and the colonized peoples for them to struggle together under the leadership of the proletariat.

Health care workers at risk as swine flu spreads

Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the threat of widespread human infection from the outbreak of swine flu to its second-highest level. The outbreak of swine flu originated in Mexico and is now spreading throughout the United States and around the globe.


UN: Morales ushers in Mother Earth Day Spain: Unemployment rises sharply Dominican Republic: Women’s campaign loses battle Israel: Growing defense ties with India China: Economy gains, workers exert pressure. Mozambique: Labor rights go unprotected Cuba: Blockade affects Internet access


Raul Castro to NAM: 'Our movements greatest strength lies in its unity'

The following is the April 29 keynote address by Cuban President Raul Castro to the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Havana.


Start at home: promoting local economic development to stem the global economic crisis

Much policy advice has been given to facilitate global finance, trade and investments to connect with the global economy. But much less to reinforce local communities and local markets where people live and want to stay if given the opportunity. Strengthening local communities in developing countries is also a means to help those who will suffer most from the global economic and jobs crisis. ILO Online spoke with Local Economic Development Specialists Kees van der Ree and Matthieu Cognac.

Non-Aligned Movement meeting ends in Cuba

Havana, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) The ministerial meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Coordination Bureau is to conclude Thursday in this capital with the approval of a Final Declaration.


Politics of pandemic: Budget cuts and hog farms linked to swine flu outbreak

WASHINGTON—As President Barack Obama received praise here for his quick response in declaring an “emergency” in the deadly swine flu outbreak, the politics of the pandemic began to emerge.

As swine flu hits Europe, officials set to 'halt spread'

European Union officials say that a Europe-wide travel advisory for Mexico and unified prevention and treatment measures for swine flu will top the agenda at an emergency meeting of EU health ministers on Thursday.

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