ColorOfChange takes on Rush Limbaugh and GOP racism launched a campaign today against Rush Limbaugh and his most flagarant use of racism to date.

Green groups say E-Waste Bill is too lax

WASHINGTON, May 24 (IPS) - Environmentalists are expressing discontent over recently introduced legislation regarding the U.S.’s exporting of electronic waste, or 'e-waste'.


Many shocked over acquittals in Mexican immigrants death

PHILADELPHIA -- Many in the United States are shocked at the recent acquittals of two white teens in Shenandoah, Penn., for the beating death of Luis Ramirez, a Mexican immigrant.

Minnesota petition demands, 'Seat our Senator!'

Concerned voters collected hundreds of petition signatures at the downtown Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, May 21, demanding that Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty certify the winner of last November’s elections and “Seat our Senator.”

Mississippi first student workers join Teamsters union

First student school bus drivers, monitors and mechanics in West Point, Mississippi, are now Teamster members, after an overwhelming 21-6 vote in favor of representation by Local 891 in Jackson. The workers united in order to secure fair pay, affordable and decent health insurance, respect and a say on the job.

Women created Memorial Day

(WOMENSENEWS)--Much of women's history is missing from our public story. One more example; women were almost entirely responsible for the recognition of Memorial Day. Its origin was the Civil War and until recently, the day focused on the terrible War between the States that, at tremendous human cost, ended legalized racial slavery in the United States.

Katrina hero's story to be told on big screen

Sony Pictures and Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment have picked up the movie rights to the story of an ex-Marine who orchestrated the rescue of hundreds of his neighbors during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Gitmo a paradise of fun in the sun says anonymous source

The battle between former Vice President Cheney and President Obama has heated up with dueling speeches on the subject of “Torture: Fun, but for whom?”

Connecticut town hall meet favors not-for-profit health care

DERBY, Conn. -- In search of a solution to the health care crisis, several hundred people jammed into the Griffin Hospital auditorium Saturday for a town hall meeting with Sen. Chris Dodd, Rep. Rosa DeLauro and Obama health director Nancy-Ann DeParle. The meeting was called as legislation in Congress is on a fast track, with the issue of a public choice at the center of the debate, and the sentiment was strong for a public health care system.

Climate bill moves ahead in House

With a bipartisan vote, the House Energy Committee this week passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), which would encourage investment in renewable energy and penalize big polluters in a landmark effort to reverse the effects of global warming.

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