Eleven talking points on 21st century socialism

The current discussion around socialism in left and progressive circles in the U.S. needs to be placed in a more substantive arena. This is an effort to do so. I take note in advance of the criticism that the following eleven working hypotheses are rather dry and formal. But in light of the faux ‘socialisms’ bandied about in the headlines and sound bytes of the mass media in the wake of the financial crisis, especially the absurd claim in the media of rightwing populism that the Obama administration is Marxist and socialist, I felt something a little more rigorous might be helpful. Obviously, criticism and commentary is invited.

Equality advocates review Obamas first 100 days

The Compact for Racial Justice Forum held a conference call April 28 with leaders of national social justice groups who discussed the highs and lows of President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office.


American Idol concert tour starts in July

(Xinhua) The top 10 'American Idol' contestants know how they're spending their summer vacation: on a nationwide concert tour kicking off in July in Oregon. Tickets for the 50-city tour will go on sale May 9, tour organizers said.

Labor and business battle for soul of Southern Democrats

There's significant money and vocal expectations on both sides of the Employee Free Choice Act, for which North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan could be a critical vote. Labor unions contributed heavily to Hagan's successful bid last year to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole.


Congress passes Obamas transformational budget

On the 100th day of the Obama administration, the U.S. House (233-193) and Senate (53-43) approved President Obama’s budget blueprint that rejects the failed economic policies of the Bush administration, makes a major down payment on comprehensive health care reform and signals significant investment in education, clean energy and green jobs.

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