Top three really bring it on American Idol

Last night on “American Idol” Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey, the final three Season Eight contestants really stepped up their game, making it one of the toughest nights for voters nationwide to decide who ultimately should remain.

Recession hits Social Security and Medicare

The recession has taken a big bite out of Medicare and Social Security, according to the latest reports from the trustees of both of those programs released this week. In both cases, rising unemployment, now at a 25-year high, has impacted the financial strength of the trust funds that finance benefits to retirees and disabled people.

TVA sends spilled coal ash to impoverished Black communities in Georgia and Alabama

The Tennessee Valley Authority has begun shipping toxic coal ash from the massive spill that occurred last December at its Kingston power plant in east Tennessee's Roane County to landfills in the neighboring states of Georgia and Alabama as part of a test to determine a final resting place for the waste.


Cheerios and cholesterol -- don't believe the hype, FDA warns

If you are eating Cheerios because you believe that it will dramatically lower your cholesterol, then forget about it.

Good election news for labor in Texas

Reports from the three large Texas cities which held local elections May 9 are good news for labor. The Dallas AFL-CIO endorsed 6 candidates for City Council. Five of them won outright and the sixth goes into a runoff with the highest vote count. Far more interesting was labor’s call for a “no” vote on two propositions.

US may have decade-long recesssion

Washington, May 12 (Prensa Latina) The US Nobel laureate in Economy Paul Krugman said his country could confront a decade of zero growth if more aggressive incentive measures are not employed informed Economy Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman. Another Nobel personality, Joseph Stiglitz, also predicted recently that the US economic crisis will be long lasting.

Thousands join in candlelight vigils across California

More than a thousand California workers, interfaith leaders, community allies and elected officials kicked the California campaign to pass the Employee Free Choice Act into overdrive in recent days by participating in statewide overnight vigils.

The role of psychologists in torture

As a psychologist, I have been appalled by the complicity of some psychologists in torturing detainees in former President Bush’s “War on Terror.” How could it be that professionals trained to treat mental illness could be partners in a program to create mental illness? How could there be any debate on the issue, given the clearly stated ethical standards of Psychologists issued by the American Psychological Association (APA) which prohibit any abuse of people?

A thousand scholars urge Congress to pass Employee Free Choice Act

More than a thousand U.S. scholars nationwide are urging Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act labor law reform

What now on health care reform?

With the new balance of forces in Washington, a path has opened for us to achieve a first, true step towards turning around our nation’s health care crisis and achieving quality, affordable health care for everyone.

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