Labor, allies urge 'development bank' to create jobs

The decline in initial claims for jobless pay announced by the U.S. Labor Department this week was greeted as a “good sign” by Heidi Shierholz, a researcher at the Economic Policy Institute. But it only underlines the need for stronger federal efforts to create jobs to bring the nation out of the worst recession since the Great Depression, she said.


Anti-union, anti-gov't group takes aim at public health plan

It doesn’t take much scratching beneath the surface of the web site “Patients United Now” to see its anti-union, far-right roots.


Activists vow struggle after Prop. 8 ruling

The California State Supreme Court's decision to uphold a referendum banning gay marriage and creating a segregated category for civil unions earned a sharp rebuke this week from civil rights organizations.

Clean coal a contradiction in terms

The coal industry and their army of lobbyists always made sure that enough palms were greased in Washington so that whatever rules and regulations were passed always favored them. To have friends in high places was an asset, but it was bought with the blood and lives of countless of miners working under dangerous and difficult conditions where productivity was always primary.